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Player Photos Swap

David Sinclair
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Hello all.

I'm trying to put together as many photos of Leeds players as I can get hold of from 1895 onwards. I've so far got close to 900, so only another 550 or so to go.....Obviously a lot of these will simply not exist, especially for players who played in the odd game a long time ago. These are just for my own geekiness.

However, if anyone has any photos of the following I'll be truly grateful:

Ray Maskill (Cas, Wakefield + Hull KR) from 1930s-40s
Stuart Johnston (Leeds+Bramley 1970s)
Nigel Whitehouse (Leeds + Fax 1970s-80s)
Ricky Winterbottom (Leeds+Batley+Bramley) mainly 1980s
Des Armitage (Leeds+1 game for London) 1980s
Kevin James (Barrow, York 1980s)
Mark Wilkes (Workington 1986-87)
Matt Shaw (York 1990s)
Anthony Barrett (1990s - maybe Hunslet?)
Carl Pearson (don't know if maybe Hull 1994 ish)
Steve Pickles 1994
Alan Julian (Dewsbury, Keighley, Bramley 1990s)
John Riley 1996+
Darren Stevens (Aussie hooker 1987-88ish)
Leigh Deakin (York 1990s)

I'm more than happy to swap or just provide any photos I've got of any players who might have played for Leeds.

I'd also love to have any pre WWW1 team photos of Leeds with names on (I've got 1907-08, Challenge Cup team 1911 and a 1914-15 team with names but that's about it). I've got over 100 Leeds team photos from 1895, and am happy to share also.