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Seeking line-ups and point-scorers for several Lionesses' matches, in the period 1996 to 2011

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John Moriarty
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Hello Record Keepers, 

I'm seeking Line-ups and point-scorers for several Lionesses matches prior to 2011. Women's internationals were played as Great Britain from 1996 to 2003, and from England from 2007 onwards. I'm hoping that this information is available in reports or articles in the UK magazines, League Express and/or League Weekly.

Partly because I live in Cronulla, Australia I'm looking for imaged copies of relevant articles and match reports. 


Since beginning this project in May 2020, my tracking-down of information on Women's Rugby League Internationals has mostly been through e-Resources such as Newsbank and ProQuest which provide headings and text from various newspaper articles. Women's Rugby League was inconsistently reported during the period, meaning there are gaps. 

I've attached a pdf that indicates where my records have all, some or none of the line-ups and point-scorers. 

As matches and their result were found, I've added them with with references to Wikipedia articles:

For the 30 known Lionesses matches prior to  2011, my collated records have:
Line-ups: Full team in 9 matches, some players in 17 matches, and none for 4 matches.
Point-scorers: All in 22 matches; some in 3 matches and none for 5 matches.

I'm aware of the project being run by Julia Lee's Women In Rugby League group. I have already shared information with them, and will pass on any additional information uncovered. 

I'm certainly happy to share the information with the Record Keepers forum and database. 



John Moriarty, Cronulla