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Worst PD in all RFL leagues

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Mark Turner
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Who has the unfortunate honour of having the worst Points Difference in all the RFL leagues, both professionals and Amateurs.

Also is there a Magic number that no team should cross in one season such as 1000, 1500 etc.

I can find all the results for the top of tables etc but very little for all the teams in the cellars of the tables.

  Thanks, Mark

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John Moriarty
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Hi Mark, 

Although you're asking about the RFL, I can offer that from the NSWRL lower grade tables I've collected, there are these two instances: 

In the 2012 NSW Cup (which is Reserve Grade / Tier 2)

Western Suburbs 24 games, 24 losses, 2 byes, PF 280, PA 1120, PD -1120

and in the 2016 Sydney Shield (which is a Tier 4 competition)

Asquith Magpies 22 games, 1 win, 21 losses, PF 137, PA 1270, PD -1133

Regards, John