Membership Details


HM Queen Elizabeth II presents the 1967 Challenge Cup to Featherstone captain Max Dixon.

To join the Rugby League Record Keepers’ Club (RKC), go to our Membership Levels page here.

  • Anyone may join the RKC
  • We are a not for profit organisation, and expect minimal running costs, with work being carried out by members on a voluntary basis
  • Annual membership runs for 12 months, with a membership fee of £5
    • Money raised from subscriptions funds our website and supports our record keeping activity
  • It is intended that only a nominal fee will ever by charged for membership, to cover running costs (which are only ever expected to be minimal)
  • Prospective members can also contact Neil Ormston at for details of how to pay by bank transfer, PayPal, cheque or cash

Honorary Life Members

Anyone who was previous a member of the original RKC is eligible for Honorary Life Membership in recognition for their continued support.  This confers the same benefits as ordinary membership but without the need for an annual subscription and is therefore complementary.  Anyone wishing to apply should complete the usual form below, noting that they were members of the original RKC.

Membership benefits

  • Access to scanned/photographed copies of the original RKC publications (Teams & Scorers & History of Rugby League booklets)
  • Access to electronic records of the club(s) of your choice as these are developed and the ability to provide input to these records
  • Access to our website during the testing and development phase of new sections
  • Regular updates of our work

Expectation of members

There is no obligation on members to participate in the work we are doing (though of course, we hope as many as possible will choose to be involved!).  All we ask from members is that they:

  • Support our work in whatever way they are able
  • Promote the work of the RKC and the sport of rugby league

​To join, contact Neil Ormston at