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​Every month or so we will give a short update on the status of the Rugby League Record Keepers' Club (RKC) work, including any changes to this site.

Our work broadly follows five distinct phases: 1) collation of data in electronic form; 2) initial validation of this data; 3) loading the data into the database; 4) confirmation of the accuracy of the data; 5) cross-referencing of players playing for different clubs.

The initial focus is on member clubs of the Northern Union / Rugby Football League, and will then move to amateur clubs playing first-grade games, and representative teams.

25 July 2020

1 July 2020

  • The initial phase of collating electronic records for member clubs is around 95% complete

  • Data is being validated for 35% of these records

  • Approximately 25% of the records are loaded into the database and the data accuracy is being confirmed

  • Three clubs are loaded and the data accuracy has been checked: Swinton, Warrington & Featherstone

  • Work has just started collating electronic records for amateur teams playing first-grade games, and all representative matches

The website went live, with initial pages covering:

Background image: Bradford & Widnes with all seven 'live' trophies (Lancashire Cup, Yorkshire Cup, Challenge Cup, Championship, BBC2 Floodlit Trophy, John Player Trophy & Premiership Trophy), 12 May 1979.  Credit: Deb Townsend


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