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1952 Keighley v Australia

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Would anyone have a copy of the Keighley v Australia 1952 match. I would like at least a photo/scan of the team lists as I require the players numbers. Thanks in advance Eric

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John C Moriarty
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Hi Eric, 

The National Library of Australia in Canberra has a copy of the programme. I recently took photos of the 8 page (two A4 sheet) programme, and have attached an image of the centre page with the teams and numbers. 

Keighley (backs first): 1 Lockwood; 2 Rock; 3 Clark / Anson; 4 Ivill; 5 Ward; 6 Prescott; 7 Riley; 8 Ramsden; 9 Traill; 10 Davies; 11 James/Mulhall; 12 Raines; 13 Holbrook

Australia (forwards first): 16 Paul; 19 Aston; 18 Davies; 23 Gill; 25 Schubert; 21 Hall; 14 Donohue; 11 Geelan; 4 Pidding; 7 Hazzard; 10 Ryan; 5 Carlson; 1 Churchill.

This match report by Harry Sunderland in the Truth has Clark and Mulhall playing. There will be other preview and match report articles from Australian newspapers on Trove. though many will derive from the same AAP / Wire services source material. For example:

Regards, John

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@john-c-moriarty-1898gmail-com Thanks for jpg. Just joined the National Library and will try and navigate the site tonight, in and around the footy (NRL) Eric

Neil Ormston
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The line-ups for both teams is in the RKC archive which is available to members too (and one day, hopefully in the not too distant future, will be available in the main stats pages for free!).